We are excited to offer fantastic ficticious fun for the whole family.  These entirely false offerings will be available for zero days beginning April 1st, 2024.

Continue reading below to find out more about these (mostly) unreal happenings that are not available to anyone because this is a make believe marketing plan to bring attention to the JBS Field House. Happy April Fools Day.


No need for a bat or glove, simply strap into our VR experience and play America's favorite pass time. 


Crank out dingers without any effort in our VR Softball experience. 

White Water Rafting

Stay dry and complacent in a lounge chair while strapped into our VR system and experience the thrill of White Water Rafting.


Pick up the United States oldest organized sport without learning anything.

Field Hockey

No need to get sweaty and tired running around in the Field House; just lie back in a chair and experience the thrill of Field Hockey. 


No threat of CTE here; take all risk and skill development away from playing the US's most fanatical sport. 

Ping Pong

Compete with super stars in the Table Tennis world from the comfort of one of our VR lounges. Anyone can be as successful as Mr. Gump with our new VR experience.


Why take the risk of hurting your back or getting angry about a duffed shot when you can golf your best game without any effort or skill. 

Day Care

Want to get your kids away from their screens at home? Drop them off at the JBS Field House for our virtual Day Care. They'll be assigned to a chair and given a VR headset for the remainder of their stay. 

Snail Races

Take part in the thrilling experience of racing as a snail. Guaranteed to take several hours for slow moving thrills. 


Release an 80 pound draw without the required strength to do so while completing in virtual archery events. 


Experience the jaw dropping beauty of the world from the comfort of the JBS Field House. Traverse the "Narrows" in Zion, climb Mt. Everest and take a backcountry trip without actually having to experience the outdoors. 

Space Travel

Blast off and explore the dark recesses of space. Will you thrive on a newly colonized planets, adventure deeper as a celestial explorer or protect humanity from the unthinkable horrors lurking in space. 


Participate in the grueling sport of Rugby without having to get physical . Enjoy running across the pitch and the adrenaline filled scrum from the comfort of a lounge chair. 


Take on world champions from the comfort of your chair without needing any practice or being qualified. 

Laser Tag

Break out this classic game for a fun time. Sit back into your chair and compete with friends sitting next to you without having to interact with them. 


Take on this Winter Olympic classic. Sweep and curl to your hearts content without having to step foot on the ice or get the real feeling on the ice. 


No need to be an expert skater or purchase the equipment to be on the ice or worry about spitting chiclets. 

Scuba Diving

Explore the great depths of the world without the risks. From the Red Sea to the Great Barrier Reef or explore a great wreck in the Great Lakes or an ocean. 

Bull Riding

Experience one of the most extreme sports in the world with zero risk and zero effort. Can you make it 8 seconds?

Mini Golf

A family favorite; get away to the JBS Field House and participate in Mini Golf in the comfort of a chair and VR experience. 

4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest

Participate in the Virtual 4th of July Hot Dog Eating contest and put your stomach skills to the test from the comfort of your lounge chair without the guilt of eating the actual volume. 


Improve your skills without putting any effort in. Strap in, sit back and take in the experience. 


Explore the dark crevices of the earth and jump into spelunking. Explore caves and more without leaving the Field House. 

Rock Climbing

Climb Devil's Tower, free solo El Capitan; experience the thrill of being at the edge of the human experience from the comfort of your chair at the Field House. 

Snow Shoveling

Are you missing the thrills of a heavy Minnesota snow fall? Well don't worry; you can experience the thrill of those early morning shoveling sessions from the comfort of the Field House any time of year, including into the summer. 

Chess Boxing

Put your brain and brawn to the test with a period of chess play followed by intermittent  boxing. 

Cheese Rolling

See who can roll their wheel of cheese down the hill the fastest. A great activity to try. 

Unicycle Polo

Lie back, strap in and virtually pedal your unicycle around while playing polo against other players. 

Finger Jousting

Participate in a modern take on this medieval sport. No horses, no armor; just you, an opponent, two fingers and a virtual jousting ring. 


Unfortunately Lethargy Club and our virtual sports experience is not happening; but we would like to thank you for participating with us.

As a thank you, show this badge to staff at the JBS Field House and receive free entry into the facility for a family through April 7th.

Show this page on your phone, or screen shot it to receive free admission to the JBS Field House through April 7th.